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House Painted Like The One In 'Up' Stirs Controversy

A couple finally finished remodeling their Victorian home to resemble the one from the movie "Up." Neighbors aren't too pleased.
Posted at 2:24 PM, Apr 28, 2014

A couple was so inspired by the movie "Up" they decided to renovate their old Victorian house in Santa Clara, Calif., to resemble the one in the film. 

In case you can't recall, it's actually pretty colorful. In the movie, the house flies away with thousands of colored balloons, but this real home doesn't come with helium. (Via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / "Up"

REPORTER: "The new owners say they kept much of the historical features, except with a modern twist."

HOSAM HAGGOG: "Our daughters — 3 and 1 1/2 years old, — they love the movie 'Up.'" (Via KNTV)

But there are some neighbors on Harrison Street with homes more than 100 years old who think it's "atrocious."

"I don't think it fits in with the neighborhood."

A writer for Metro couldn't understand what the hullabaloo was about, noting the home was bright, inviting and even had picturesque decking.

​​It took the couple, Hosam Haggog and Fatima Rahman, two years to finish the renovations. Gawker called the neighbors "a real bunch of grumps."

"A sweet idea, putting aside the possible shortsightedness of allowing your children to design your home based on a children's movie. But the adult neighbors don't see it to be as sweet."

KNTV says residents in the area take pride in preserving the street's historical look — and something tells us bright colors don't quite fit in.