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Hot air balloon lands on home after snagging on street light

Nine people were aboard a hot air balloon in Arizona Thursday when it snagged on a street light, with video showing it landing on a roof in Phoenix.
Posted at 6:45 PM, Dec 08, 2023

An Arizona resident got a surprising delivery in her backyard Thursday, flowing down in the form of a massive rainbow of fabric. 

Phoenix native Kara Giugliano grabbed her phone and started recording the view from her back patio the moment a hot air balloon came a little too close for comfort. Her video shows as the massive structure tried to pass by a street light, but on its way up further into the air, the balloon snagged it, ripping the nylon fabric open right in front of Giugliano's backyard.

Still stuck on the light pole, the balloon, fittingly donning a saguaro cactus amid its rainbow colors, appeared to slowly deflate before descending over Giugliano's yard and roof.

"It's right over our house. I don't know what to do. This is about to go on top of our house. I'm right under here," Giugliano said as the balloon started to tilt toward her home. "Oh my gosh, what do I do? There is a hot air balloon on our house."

The balloon then blanketed her entire yard and part of her roof, swallowing up a mini-trampoline that had been in the yard.

It later slipped off the roof, and someone from behind her fence asked if everyone was alright while seeming to pull the balloon out of her property. Giugliano helped, getting her trampoline back in the process.

A pilot with Hot Air Expeditions told news outlet Arizona's Family that the low-on-fuel balloon was trying to land in a nearby open field when wind changed its trajectory, moving it from the ground back into the air where it collided with a street light.

The captain of the Phoenix Fire Department said the nine people aboard the balloon were not injured in the event.