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Here's Why You Should Still Be Watching 'DWTS'

The show's 19th season just premiered, and yes, that makes it sound tired. Yes, ratings have dropped. Here's why it's still good.
Posted at 9:41 AM, Sep 16, 2014

Season 19 — yes, 19 — of "Dancing With the Stars" premiered Monday night. That makes "Dancing With the Stars" the annoying teenager who won't move out of its parents' house. But — the season premiere proved we should still be watching. Here's why. 

First, it's live TV, and that means weird crap happens.

Like Monday night, when Olympian LoLo Jones messed up and had a meltdown.

“You gotta kill it. You gotta find that beat.”

“I make no excuses. I make no excuses. It was awful."

Can we say 'awkward'? Can we say...awesome to watch?

Speaking of weird, you learn weird factoids. Monday we found out 'Back to the Future' star Lea Thompson used to be a ballet dancer, and that famed dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov told her she was too "stocky" and should quit. 

Leave "Caroline in the City" alone!

Stick with "Sex and the City."

And on that note, you get to root for the underdog. 

Monday 76-year-old Tommy Chong charmed and killed on the dance floor. 

He's an aging pothead plie-ing his way into America's hearts, and that's amazing. 

OK, yes. We used that word. 'Aging.' But let's give ABC some credit.

This year the show features a YouTube star. 

...and gives basic definitions of common Internet terms. Yikes.

Look, 'Dancing With the Stars' might be aging, but nostalgia is good! And some of the dancing is really good! And when you put the two together, it's so good.

Exhibit A: Alfonso Ribeiro, aka Carlton from "Fresh Prince of Bel Air," killing it Monday night. 

You guys, he's gonna do the Carlton at some point. And you need to be there for it. 

Season 19. Here we go. 

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