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Using The Word 'Love' In A Dating Profile Gets You More Matches

Perfect your online dating with science.
Posted at 9:23 PM, Feb 14, 2019

Making deep connections at a bar tends to be a bust. So online it is for millions of singles.

But e-dating takes more strategy than deciding if Allbirds are appropriate for a singles bar. Here's what science has to say about finding love online:

70:30 rule: Don't make your profile all about you. About 70 percent is OK, but make the other 30 percent about what you're looking for in a partner.

Emotional availability: You're not applying for a job, so don't emphasize how driven you are. Talk about music you like or how much you love experimenting in the kitchen. 

Use the "L" word: Men and women who use the words "love," "romance" or "romantic" or other synonyms have more success online.

Smart username: Select a pseudonym that begins with an early letter in the alphabet. Some sites list users alphabetically, so "XenaGirl86" goes to the back of the line.  

The other "L" word: Don't lie in your profile — about anything. And, a little tough love here: "algorithms" don't exactly inspire amorous tingles, but they're critical. It's called the Optimal Stopping TheoryHere's how it works: If you're going through 100 profiles, reject the first 37 percent and then select the next person who's better than everybody you have come across thus far. This gives you the best odds of finding your best option without wasting too much time.

It's complicated, (and imperfect) but so is love. Even with a 100 percent match, computers can't predict chemistry.