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From Tragedy To Joy: Teen To Get Fairy-Tale Prom

Unisha Bullard's father was murdered last December. He had promised her the perfect prom, and thanks to two "fairy godfathers," she'll still get it.
Posted at 12:01 PM, May 21, 2015

A Florida father had always promised his daughter a fairy-tale prom, but tragedy struck.

"It's just crazy waking up to strangers telling you that your dad is dead in the alley," Unisha Bullard told WFTS.

Bullard's father was murdered in December.

"It was supposed to be my Cinderella moment, and when he passed away, it got canceled," Bullard said.

But our partners at WFTS report the fairy tale wasn't canceled after all — it just played out differently than Bullard expected.

Two men from La Posh Salon in Clearwater, Florida, came to the rescue. For the past three years, Andrew Ashton and Steven Anderson have picked a girl in need and made sure she got everything she needed for prom. 

"I kind of feel like they are my daughters I'm sending off to prom. It's wonderful. It's very near to my heart," Ashton said.

And as we're sure you've guessed, Bullard was chosen as this year's Cinderella. 

Ashton and Anderson, Bullard's fairy godfathers, are hooking her up with a custom dress, hair, makeup, dinner and a limo.

"Instead of a fairy godmother, I got a fairy godfather, and I got two," Bullard said.

Bullard's prom is this Friday.