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Former N.Y. Mobster Junior Gotti Reportedly Stabbed

Former New York mobster John \"Junior\" Gotti was reportedly stabbed Sunday night.
Posted at 8:09 AM, Nov 12, 2013

Former New York mobster John "Junior" Gotti was reportedly stabbed Sunday night.

Sources told WCBS 49-year-old Gotti checked into a hospital and said he was stabbed in the stomach while trying to break up a fight outside a CVS pharmacy in Long Island.

But New York police claim that's all they got out of him. As soon as authorities arrived at the hospital, he reportedly stopped cooperating and "politely" refused to comment any further on the incident. (Via New York Post)

The 49-year-old son of notorious Gambino crime family leader John Gotti was reportedly listed in stable condition at the hospital, and sources say he is now recovering at home. (Via WFXT)

Officials are still conducting an investigation into the altercation. It's not clear what sparked the fight or if Gotti knew his alleged attacker. 

But Gotti's neighbors believe he was just trying to do the right thing and got injured in the process.

"He probably saw something going on and, you know, he's that kind of guy like the underdog." (Via WRGB)

This wouldn't be Gotti's first brush with the law if police determine foul play was involved in the stabbing. He's been tried four times since 2005 for racketeering, but each trial ended in a hung jury. He says he left organized crime back in 1999. (Via WNBC)