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House Rejects Farm Bill After Freedom Caucus, Democrats Vote No

Democrats oppose changes the bill would have made to food stamp programs. Republicans sought a vote on an immigration bill.
Posted at 2:24 PM, May 18, 2018

The House of Representatives rejected a sweeping agriculture bill Friday after 30 Republican lawmakers joined all 183 House Democrats in voting against it.

Republican leadership had been negotiating with members of the House Freedom Caucus leading up to the vote. The caucus members wanted a vote on a security-focused immigration bill, but House leadership doesn't think it would have enough votes to pass.

Democrats, meanwhile, opposed the bill because of a measure that would add strict work requirements to the Supplemental Nutrition Program — also known as food stamps.

The farm bill isn't just about farms. It would've reinforced protections for farmers, but it also would have done things like boost broadband service in rural America and fund programs to fight the opioid crisis.

Even if it had passed, it might not have gotten anywhere in the Senate. Republicans there are working with Democrats on a compromise agriculture bill.