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Elementary School Principal Arrested In Child Sex Sting

Police say they arrested more than a dozen people during a child sex sting operation in Atlanta, and one of them was an elementary school principal.
Posted at 10:13 AM, Mar 04, 2014

Police say they arrested more than a dozen people during an undercover child sex sting operation in Atlanta — one of them, an elementary school principal.

Fifty-six-year-old John McGill was one of 14 taken into custody Monday during the sting, dubbed "Operation Broken Heart." (Via DeKalb County Jail)

A representative with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation told reporters all 14 traveled to DeKalb County "with the intent to meet a child for sex." (Via WGCL)

McGill was immediately suspended from his position at Mt. Carmel Elementary School after his arrest. And parents say they were shocked to hear the news.

"It's very upsetting as a parent with a child here in this school."

"I've known Dr. McGill for a while, and it's just, it saddens my heart. It really does." (Via WXIA)

The other suspects arrested in the sting ranged between 21 and 64 years old, according to WAGA, and nearly 40 different law enforcement agencies joined forces in the bust.

Prosecutors charged McGill with traveling with intent to have sex with a child. He scheduled to appear in court Tuesday.