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Michigan State University, families mourn shooting victims

A gunman took the lives of 20-year-old Alexandria Verner, 20-year-old Brian Fraser and 19-year-old Arielle Diamond Anderson Monday.
Posted at 2:33 PM, Feb 15, 2023

One gunman, three unthinkable deaths — all Michigan State University students from the Detroit area.

"In a world that needs great ones that we're void of, clearly, Al is one of them," Clawson School Superintendent Billy Shellenberger said.

Alexandria Verner was just 20 when a gunman took her life on Monday. 

"She was the real deal when it came to being a model human being of character, integrity," Shellenberger continued.

She had an interest in forensic science and was in her junior year at Michigan State.

Arielle Diamond Anderson loved children. She wanted to be a pediatrician, according to her grandmother, April Davis.

Police seek motive of gunman who killed 3 at Michigan State

Police seek motive of gunman who killed 3 at Michigan State

Investigators still were sorting out why Anthony McRae fired inside an academic building and the student union shortly before 8:30 p.m. Monday.


"I haven't grasped it yet," Davis said. "She was just with me this weekend."

Anderson was 19 years old, and a junior for the Spartans. 

Brian Fraser was 20 years old. His sister told Scripps News Detroit they do not want him remembered as a victim, but rather, for the light that he was to everyone. He was president of Phi Delta Theta fraternity, who has called him a great friend and leader. 

Three lives takentoo soon, with families left grieving.

"We want the senseless killing to stop and we just want prayers to go out to all of the families, the doctors, the police, everybody that had a part of this tragedy. We just want prayer to go out for them because everyone is feeling this everywhere," Anderson's aunt Kimella Spivey said.