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College Students Salary Expectations After Graduation

Women expect to earn 0.5% less than men with similar degrees right out of college, the survey also found.
Posted at 8:54 PM, May 14, 2022

Nearly $104,000. That's how much college students expect their annual salary will be a year after graduating, according to a survey done by Real Estate Witch

That's almost double what the average college graduate salary is today, which is around $55,000.

But the gap between expectations and reality hasn't always been like this.  

Here's a comparison:

Between the recent survey, and one done in 2019, the expected salary a few years ago was roughly $58,000. Compared to the actual average of $47,000.

Paul McDonald, Senior Executive Director for the global talent solutions firm called Robert Half, talks to Newsy about the reason for such a large gap between what students are expecting, versus what the kind of offers they may ultimately get.