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Scripps News reporters put a community spotlight on policing issues

Scripps News correspondents talk about how policing has changed in the communities they cover.
Posted at 6:47 PM, May 19, 2023

Scripps News correspondents held a roundtable to discuss police reform in the communities they cover.

In New Orleans, Tammy Estwick talks about how communities approach "defund the police" as a rallying cry. She says community members don't want to see a reduction in police forces outright — they'd prefer to see changes in the way officers interact and engage with their communities.

In Denver, Chris Stewart discusses the rise of private security. He explains how security workers and the businesses that employ them now have more flexibility — and potentially more safety — in the ways they protect the community.

In Washington, D.C., Kevin Cirilli discusses how attitudes toward policing have changed recently on the federal and legislative level. He says lawmakers are trying to strike a balance between the risks of overpolicing, and the need to protect their communities.

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