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Police release bodycam footage of attack on Paul Pelosi

The footage shows police confronting the suspect and taking him into custody after police say he severely beat Pelosi in his home.
Posted at 2:57 PM, Jan 27, 2023

Police have released bodycam video footage of an attack last fall on Paul Pelosi, the husband of then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He was attacked inside the couple's San Francisco home.

David DePape was charged with the attack on multiple felony charges, including attempted murder. He pleaded not guilty.

The video shows officers knocking on Pelosi's front door in the early morning hours of Oct. 28. 

Suspected Paul Pelosi attacker told police of 'evil' in Washington

Suspected Paul Pelosi attacker told police of 'evil' in Washington

A San Francisco police investigator testified that David DePape said there was "evil in Washington" after attacking House Speaker Pelosi's husband.


Shortly after the door opens, Pelosi can be seen struggling with the suspect, who was holding a hammer. An officer can be heard saying, "Drop the hammer." The male suspect then appears to swing at Pelosi as officers charge toward the two men.

It then appears officers attempt to put the suspect in custody.

San Francisco Police Chief William Scott said Pelosi was severely beaten by the suspect with the hammer.

Pelosi was hospitalized and spent days in the intensive care unit before continuing his recovery at home.

"I have not seen the break-in, and I have absolutely no intention of seeing the deadly assault on my husband's life," Rep. Nancy Pelosi said. "I won't be making any more statements about this case as it proceeds except to thank people and to inform them of Paul's progress."

Nancy Pelosi decided in the weeks after the attack to step down as the party leader of the House Democratic caucus.

Editor's Note: This is the video as we obtained it; we've only edited out the officers' approach to the home and censored language