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Man found guilty after hiding in OnlyFans model's attic

A jury in the trial of Mauricio Guerrero returned a guilty verdict on multiple counts. The man is accused of hiding in the attic of an Onlyfans model.
Posted at 6:19 PM, May 16, 2023

A jury delivered a mixed verdict in the case of a Pennsylvania man accused of breaking into the home of an OnlyFans model and hiding in the attic of her New Hampshire home.

The jury found Mauricio Guerrero guilty of two counts of burglary, one count of invasion of privacy and one count of trespass. He was found not guilty on one count of invasion of privacy and two burglary counts. On the two burglary counts where he was found not guilty, the jury did find Guerrero guilty of the lesser included offense of criminal trespass.

Guerrero was arrested Feb. 9, 2022, after officers with the Somersworth Police Department responded to a call of residents complaining of someone on their roof, according to an affidavit.

Guerrero was detained on the scene. An investigation revealed he had allegedly been breaking into the home for three days.

The reported victim, identified as R.N. in documents, told officers she met Guerrero in Oct. 2021 through her OnlyFans account. She admitted to giving him her address "because he wanted to buy her a TV and fireplace for her apartment," according to an affidavit.

Over the following months, Guerrero allegedly stalked R.N., and hours before his arrest, she woke up at her mother’s home to find him watching her from the hallway.

Guerrero told officers he entered the residence to take back a TV he purchased for R.N., and hid in the attic after hearing people inside.

Investigators said Guerrero had taken explicit photos of the R.N. without her consent as she slept, and placed a tracking device on her keys.

Guerrero was charged with five counts of burglary and two counts of invasion of privacy.

In their opening statement, the defense described Guerrero as a "naive" and "stupid" lovesick young man who was "duped" by an older woman who exploited his feelings for gifts and attention, and even "led him on" by inviting him into her home on an earlier occasion for sex. Attorney Harry Nelson Starbranch told the jury the case comes down to Guerrero’s intent, claiming he acted "impulsively" when he entered the home, but did not intend to commit a crime, an element of burglary under New Hampshire law.

Guerrero is scheduled to be sentenced in July. He was ordered to wear a GPS monitor while awaiting his sentencing hearing.

This story was originally published by Ivy Brown of Court TV.

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