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Kaitlin Armstrong, charged in 'love triangle murder,' escapes custody

The sheriff's office told Court TV she was able to get away from two corrections officers while she was at a doctor's appointment.
Kaitlin Armstrong mushot
Posted at 1:33 PM, Oct 12, 2023

A woman awaiting trial on charges she murdered a professional cyclist who had dated her boyfriend escaped custody while at a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for the Travis County Sheriff’s Office in Texas told Court TV that Kaitlin Armstrong was able to briefly get away from two corrections officers while she was at a doctor’s appointment in South Austin.

Armstrong has pleaded not guilty to murder charges in the death of Anna Moriah Wilson, who was found shot to death on May 11, 2022. After initially talking to police, Armstrong fled the country, prompting a 43-day manhunt that ended with her arrest at a Costa Rican hotel on June 29.

On Wednesday, the Travis County Sheriff’s Office said officers were escorting Armstrong back to a patrol unit to return to jail when she took off running. Officers followed and did not lose sight of her as she ran approximately one block into a neighborhood.

The sheriff’s spokesperson was unable to say why Armstrong was at the doctor or whether she was restrained. After she was caught, Armstrong was checked out at a medical center before she was returned to the Travis County Correctional Complex.

Armstrong’s murder trial is scheduled to begin Oct. 30.

This story was originally published by Lauren Silver at Court TV.