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Footage shows gunman shooting inside of Las Vegas luxury condo complex

A 32-year-old man took a rifle from his uncle's condominium and wandered through the building before opening fire.
Posted at 3:10 PM, Oct 27, 2023

Scripps News Las Vegas has obtained video of the moment a gunman stormed through a luxury condominium complex in Las Vegas and started shooting.

The clips show 32-year-old Andrew Warrender walking through Turnberry Towers at Paradise Road and Karen Avenue with an AR-15-style rifle on the afternoon of June 23. According to Metro police, Warrender had an uncle living at the complex, which allowed him easy access inside.

After entering the building and grabbing the rifle from inside his uncle's condominium, Warrender made his way through the building. Surveillance video shows Warrender walking down multiple stairs, through hallways, and even using elevators while armed.

Eventually, Warrender makes it to the lobby on the first floor.

"Andrew is walking around with an AR-15 in his right hand and a helmet on," said one of the employees at Turnberry Towers.

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Warrender opened fire in the lobby and pointed his rifle at the employees hiding behind the front desk.

Police records state Warrender could only fire off one shot before the rifle jammed. As Warrender worked to fix the malfunction, a Turnberry Towers employee stepped into action and fired back, striking Warrender several times in his legs and stomach.

In the video clip, Warrender can be seen falling to the ground and can be heard screaming from the pain. The employee then approaches Warrender and holds him at gunpoint until police arrive.

A grand jury indicted Warrender several months after he was released from the hospital. Warrender is set to stand trial in February.