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Florida woman's car catches fire with kids inside while she shoplifts

The 24-year-old mom shoplifted for about an hour, then dropped the stolen items when she saw her car engulfed in flames upon exiting the store.
A car engulfed in flames in a parking lot
Posted at 1:31 PM, Jun 03, 2023

A Florida woman has been arrested after her car caught fire with her children inside while she was shoplifting.

In a report, Oviedo Police said 24-year-old Alicia Moore left her vehicle with her unattended kids in a Dillard's parking lot at the Oviedo Mall in Orlando on May 26.

While in Dillard's, security observed Moore and an unknown male shoplifting items for about an hour. When Moore was leaving the establishment, she saw her car engulfed in flames and dropped the stolen items before exiting the store.

Oviedo Police Department

Mall shoppers who saw the car on fire assisted in rescuing the children, and local law enforcement and the fire department were notified. The kids were rushed to Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital.

The vehicle was completely totaled, police said.

Orlando police arrested Moore on an unrelated warrant. While in custody, she was subsequently charged with both aggravated child neglect and arson.