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Dirty deed: Thief hides in large trash bag to steal package from porch

A security camera over a resident's entryway caught the suspect crouching down, shuffle-walking to the porch, then getting away with the parcel.
Posted at 5:56 PM, Apr 04, 2024

It's a scene caught on camera that might be funny to some, but not so much for anyone who has had a package stolen before. A security camera at a California home caught someone slyly shuffling up to a porch to steal a package, all while concealed under a large black trash bag. 

In the video captured on a consumer home security camera, Omar Gabriel Munoz was able to capture the individual seemingly crouched down with their feet and white slippers exposed as they inched towards the parcel with the rubbish can liner covering nearly all of their head and body. 

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The suspected theft happened on March 29 in Sacramento, Munoz said. 

Hetold Fox News he was angry, but found humor in the incident after watching the video. 

Munoz told Storyful that though he received a notification that the package was delivered, he wasn't able to find it later after coming home from work. The box reportedly contained multiple cellphone chargers. At first he said he thought the wind blew the package away, but when he checked the camera he saw the culprit moving towards his door to take it. 

The Sacramento Sheriff's office didn't immediately release a statement on their social media platforms about the incident.