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Deputies say Camaro reached 199 mph on Florida's Turnpike

A street race exceeded speeds commonly seen at the Daytona 500 as a man allegedly drove his father's Camaro at 199 mph.
A police officer holding a radar gun.
Posted at 2:51 PM, Jan 26, 2024

A pair of men in Florida were arrested after being clocked driving 199 mph on the Florida Turnpike last Sunday. 

According to the Orange County Sheriff's Department, Luis Alejandro Lozano-Figueroa, 20, and Mario Alberto Paz-Gil, 19, were engaged in street racing Sunday morning. The speed limit on the Florida Turnpike is 70 mph. 

"We have ZERO TOLERANCE for street racing here in Orange County," the sheriff's department wrote on its X page.

By comparison, the fastest race ever run at the nearby Daytona 500 had an average speed of 177.6 mph, according to NASCAR's Hall of Fame. 

The Orlando Sentinel reported that the incident occurred around 1 a.m. Sunday as deputies claimed Lozano-Figueroa was behind the wheel of a red Chevrolet Camaro that reached 199 mph. Paz-Gil and an unidentified 16-year-old were passengers in the car. 

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An affidavit obtained by  Orlando Sentinel said the cars involved were seen trying to "out-distance each other for the purpose of comparing the relative speeds or power of acceleration of their motor vehicles within a certain distance or time limit." 

Officials did not say whether anyone in the other car was arrested. 

The Orange County Sheriff's Office said it has been cracking down on illegal street racing. The office said that in 2023, it made 157 arrests, issued 1,290 citations and seized 54 vehicles related to street racing.