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As Many As 10,000 Stolen Guns Found In SC Man's Home

Police raided a South Carolina man's home and found between 7,000 and 10,000 firearms, most of which they say are stolen.
Posted at 9:50 AM, Oct 26, 2015

A South Carolina man was arrested Saturday after police found as many as 10,000 stolen guns in his home and a nearby storage building.

Brent Nicholson had been charged with trafficking opium and heroin in North Carolina earlier in the week.

But when deputies went to serve him with a subpoena Friday, they reportedly noticed what appeared to be stolen property in his yard and raided his home. (Video via WBTV)

Officials say along with thousands of stolen guns, police found 150 chainsaws, four-wheelers and taxidermy supplies. 

Police also found over 100 guns at Nicholson's liquor store. (Video via WBTV)

"It looks like he's just a gun hoarder, to be honest with you," a sheriff told WBTV.

Police told The Charlotte Observer it took four 40-foot tractor trailers to haul the guns away. Nicholson may have stolen some of the guns, but they said it's likely he purchased most of the arsenal from other thieves. 

This video includes images from Chesterfield County Sheriff's Office and Union County Sheriff's Office.