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911 Calls Released After Texas Mother Shoots And Kills Her 2 Daughters

Authorities say Christy Sheats shot and killed her two daughters at the family's home near Houston.
Posted at 8:20 AM, Jun 29, 2016

Local authorities have released the 911 calls from a Houston-area family in terror as Christy Sheats opened fire on her two daughters. We want to warn you: The phone calls are graphic. 

"There's a lady with a gun. She's coming out of the house right now. Two people shot outside," a neighbor told a 911 dispatcher. 

That phone call came from a neighbor apparently watching the tragic situation unfold. 

Several local news outlets decided not to air the girls' phone calls, claiming they were too graphic. 

The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office also said it wouldn't be releasing the calls on social media. 

Authorities say Sheats shot and killed her two daughters, 22-year-old Taylor and 17-year-old Madison, last Friday at the family's home in Katy, Texas. 

Both sisters called police that day before being fatally shot. In the background of one of their calls, you can hear their father, Jason Sheats, pleading with Christy to put the gun down. 

"Please don't point the gun at us," Jason said. "I beg you, please put it away. ... I'm sorry. I promise you, whatever you want." 

Authorities say Christy shot her two daughters inside the house. When they tried to run, Christy again shot them outside of the family's home. Christy was fatally shot by authorities. 

A family friend told KHOU the couple had marital problems and Christy had just recently moved back in. Jason was not shot. A memorial service is being planned for the two sisters.