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22 cats abandoned outside animal control facility in freezing cold

Officials in Connecticut are seeking answers after someone in a U-Haul dumped 22 cats outside in frigid conditions.
Cats in poor health that were left outside an animal control facility.
Posted at 1:49 PM, Jan 25, 2024

During the recent cold snap that struck the Northeast, 22 cats were dumped from a U-Haul moving van outside a Connecticut animal shelter. 

According to Halfway Home Rescue, the cats were placed in front of Waterbury Animal Control’s front gate in "rough shape." The rescue said the cats were all long haired and their fur was matted.

The shelter said it believes the cats had been mistreated for some period of time. While they remain in the care of rescuers, the community has donated thousands of dollars to assist.

"With the sudden introduction of 22 souls dumped outside the gates of Waterbury Animal Control in biohazard waste conditions and the subsequent pleading call to us, we put out a plea for help and many of you came running with badly needed food donations and medical fund cost donations. We CANNOT thank you enough!" the group said on Facebook.

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Halfway Home Rescue said it has been working to get the cats into good health before placing them for adoption. In the meantime, the animal rescue said it has nearly 100 other felines looking for homes. 

The rescue said it has been looking for who was responsible for leaving these cats behind. They said law enforcement is investigating. 

“The only way that we’re going to be remotely close to finding out who did this is if the public recognizes these animals,” Stephanie Maselli, founder of the Halfway Home Rescue, told WFSB-TV.

Maselli added that the cats were extremely hungry and two were very ill.