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Sheriff: 14-year-old boy fatally attacked parents, injured sister

Police determined the boy was a suspect after they said his story about what happened was inconsistent.
Fresno County Sheriff Sheriff John Zanoni
Posted at 8:18 PM, Dec 29, 2023

Police in Fresno County, California, say a 14-year-old boy attacked his immediate family members at their home, killing his parents and severely injuring his 11-year-old sister.

The teen was not named by police because of his age. 

Authorities said they first learned of the incident after the boy called 911.

Authorities said the boy originally claimed that an unidentified person broke into the family's rural home in the town of Miramonte, located just under three hours north of Bakersfield, and attacked the family members before fleeing in a vehicle. 

Fresno County Sheriff John Zanoni said during a Friday press conference that police noticed inconsistencies in the boy's story and eventually determined he was a suspect. 

"Evidence ultimately showed that he had fabricated the story of a break in and was responsible for using multiple weapons to attack his mom, his dad and his sister," Zanoni said. 

He now faces murder charges in connection to the killing of two adults and an attempted murder charge of a minor. 

While police said they would not release any identifying information or an image of the suspect, they identified the victims as Lue Yang, a male, and Se Vang, a female. Both were 37 years old. Their 11-year-old daughter is being treated at a hospital and is expected to survive, police said. 

The two parents were married. 

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Police say the charges are against juvenile suspects and adults in relation to the deadly incident.


Police said they found the two adults dead when they arrived on the scene, and the 11-year-old girl suffering from her injuries. Emergency medical personnel immediately transported the girl to a hospital where she underwent treatment for life-threatening injuries. 

"The tragedy of the situation is of such a high magnitude because two children have lost a mother and a father," Zanoni said. 

Police said if the boy is convicted, he will likely be incarcerated with a youth authority and a juvenile hall until he reaches a certain age. Police said they did not find any drugs at the scene. 

Police were not immediately able to ascertain how the boy gained access to the weapons he used. Sheriff Zanoni said it is not uncommon for families in rural areas of the state to keep weapons at their home for self protection. 

Police did not elaborate on exactly how the victims died or if the boy was determined to have been diagnosed with any mental illness.