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Contrary To Previous Reports, Facebook's Fine By Teens

Despite previous reports suggesting Facebook is hemorrhaging teen users, a new Pew study shows that Facebook is actually doing just fine.
Posted at 5:05 PM, Apr 10, 2015

A new Pew survey is out, and it looks like reports of Facebook's death in popularity among teens have been greatly exaggerated.

The survey, released Thursday, notes 71 percent of all teens between 13 and 17 used Facebook — a higher percentage than other social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram.

As for what site teens are using most often, Facebook came in on top again at 41 percent, more than double Instagram, which came in second.

The results depict a 180 from previous years when reports were cropping up on how teens were supposedly leaving Facebook in droves. 

When it comes to friends (or followers), though, Facebook's got some competition. The survey found Instagram users have about 150 followers on average, five more than the average Facebook user who has 145 friends. The third network measured, Twitter, rounded out at the bottom with an average of 95 followers. (Videos via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)

Interestingly enough, Pew found a difference on social media use by income — those in a lower income bracket used Facebook 20 percent more than those in the top income bracket.

Also, somewhat surprisingly, more than one-third of the teens surveyed didn't know how many Facebook friends or Twitter and Instagram followers they had. 

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