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Conservative Group Says Disney Has 'Declared War' On Religious Freedom

Texas Values said in a statement companies that spoke out against the Free Exercise Protection Act have "declared war" on religious freedom.
Posted at 8:18 AM, Apr 01, 2016

Conservative group Texas Values has accused several companies, including Disney, of "going to war" on Christianity.

The organization's president issued a statement earlier this week after Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal vetoed the Free Exercise Protection Act.

The controversial bill would have allowed local businesses to refuse their services to people based on their religious opposition to same-sex marriage.

The statement read, in part, "It's clear that corporate giants like Apple, Disney, NCAA, Intel have finally come out of the closet and declared public war on the religious freedom of clergy and religious schools."

Several companies spoke out against the bill before it was vetoed. Disney even threatened to stop filming in Georgia if it became law.

The statement went on to say, "Will Disney now ban you from wearing a cross outside your shirt at their parks? … This is how extreme the attacks now are on religious freedom."

Disney has yet to respond to Texas Values' comments.

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