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Climber dies after pushing another away from collapsing ice column

An ice climber in Utah pushed a companion out of harm's way, saving the other climber's life but sacrificing her own.
A rose in the snow honors a climber who died.
Posted at 12:23 PM, Apr 06, 2023

An ice climber who died when an ice column fell appears to have saved another climber's life. 

According to the Duchesne County Sheriff's Office in Utah, three climbers were attempting to scale Raven Falls on April 2.

Authorities say as an ice column began falling, a 41-year-old female climber pushed another female climber, 21, out of the way. 

The quick thinking likely saved the 21-year-old climber's life, the sheriff's office said. 

"This female was able to climb down the terrain and drive to Duchesne City to contact 911 for help," a statement from the sheriff's office says. 

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Rescue and recovery crews reportedly found the 41-year-old trapped under "two huge blocks of ice." She did not survive. 

"Our sincere condolences to all affected by this tragedy, to the family of this brave, courageous woman who lost her life while saving another," the Duchesne County Sheriff's Office said. "We hope that all may find comfort and all the warm support will prevail over your hearts while mourning the loss of your loved one.

Another climber, a 34-year-old male, fell approximately 40 feet, authorities said. A helicopter crew was able to reach the climber, who reportedly suffered serious injuries. 

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