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Chris Christie Has Declared A Government Shutdown In New Jersey

The state Legislature couldn't agree on a budget before Friday's midnight deadline.
Posted at 4:18 PM, Jul 01, 2017

New Jersey's government is in shutdown mode.

Gov. Chris Christie ordered a government shutdown Saturday morning after the state Legislature was unable to agree on a budget before Friday's midnight deadline.

This is the first time New Jersey has had a government shutdown since 2006, which also means it's a first for Christie.

Christie placed blame for the shutdown on Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto. The lawmakers have been at odds over a bill that would affect the state's largest health insurance company.

The bill Christie wants passed would allow the government to pull reserve funds from Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield.

But Prieto argues the bill has nothing to do with the state budget and called Christie's actions extortion.

Nonessential facilities like state parks and beaches will likely be closed during the shutdown. State prisons, hospitals, police departments and other essential facilities will remain open.