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Child Care Center Closed Over Alleged Melatonin Use On Kids

Wee Little Lambs Child Care and Learning Center has been closed indefinitely over allegations it used melatonin to put children to sleep.
Posted at 9:16 AM, Mar 21, 2014

Oklahoma Department of Human Services workers closed a daycare after reports it gave children a natural sleep aid without parents' permission. 

​"DHS received a complaint that the kids were given melatonin to sleep during naptime. The notice says DHS also received information that children may have been disciplined inappropriately."

KWTV reports the Wee Little Lambs Child Care and Learning Center in Grove, Oklahoma, is now closed indefinitely. 

REPORTER: "The daycare's attorney is fighting these claims."

WINSTON CONNOR: "The number that gave issues are just really, really small, this is really silly."

But some parents are sticking by their daycare. One parent, who's a registered nurse, told KOKI it's just an attack against the center's owner, Judy DeVore.

"I see the way Judy is with the children. She's loving, she's stern, she's firm. There's no way I could see Judy letting anything like that go on." (Via KOKI)

"You know, I had to take a day off work today to accommodate this and so it's kind of an inconvenience, you know, and a lot of kids are displaced and that's kind of an inconvenience for all of the parents here in the community."

KJRH reports since receiving the closure notice Wednesday, DeVore has 10 days to request a hearing with the state's Department of Human Services. 

The department told KOKI an official search of the child care center found enough evidence close the business. But the daycare's attorney says no melatonin was found.