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Police Move In As New York 'Count-The-Vote' Demonstration Gets Heated

New York police make more than two dozen arrests, issue 30 citations in demonstration over election.
Posted at 2:59 PM, Nov 05, 2020

A showdown between protesters and police in the village after what began as a peaceful demonstration to "count every vote."

"Every vote counts!" 

Turned into mass arrests downtown. Dozens of people locked up - some taken with force - after the NYPD says a group of agitators tried to hijack a peaceful protest by lighting fires, throwing objects and even a Pennsylvania woman spitting in the face of an officer.

"Don't let them steal your message. Separate from those agitators and we will deal with them," said New York Police Chief Terence Monahan.

The NYPD releasing photos of several weapons confiscated from the crowd of 500, including a stun gun, two knives and M-80 fireworks. 

The marchers began spreading their message in midtown last night, some blocking streets with their bikes. 

“We don’t want to be fighting on the streets. We want to create a movement that is sustainable not just through the election," said Mia Fierberg.

Hundreds emerged after the president called for the end of vote counting after the election.

"I have to let Donald Trump know that he has to wait until every vote is counted. Every single vote," said one protester.

The goal of the NYPD was to stand back and observe. However, some of the people in the crowd grew increasingly unruly. Leading to a clash, the department said, to restore safety in the streets.