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Judge Blocks Census Counting From Ending At The Month's End

The judge said ending the once-a-decade count on September 30th would produce inaccurate numbers.
Posted at 11:27 AM, Sep 26, 2020

A federal judge ruled the Trump administration can't prematurely end the Census count this month. 

California Judge Lucy Koh released her ruling Thursday. She said ending the once-a-decade count on September 30th, a month before originally promised, would produce inaccurate numbers. 

She ruled the count should go until the end of October — adding the Trump administration neither considered its duty to produce an accurate count nor provided a substantial reason for the expedited schedule.

She also axed a deadline to produce the results of the count by the end of the year.

The Census counts Americans to determine how federal funding and House seats will be distributed, a major political battleground. Administration officials said Friday they plan to appeal the ruling.