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Boy Finds Checkbook Holding $8K In Cash On Playground

Seven-year-old Aiden Wright discovered a checkbook filled with $8,000 in cash on a playground. The grateful owner rewarded the boy for returning it.
Posted at 11:18 AM, Sep 28, 2015

A 7-year-old boy in Salem, Massachusetts, got a big reward for doing the right thing. 

Aiden Wright was at a playground Saturday when he discovered a checkbook lying near the slide. 

"I opened it up and I saw $8,000 in it and I brought it down to my uncle," Aiden told WBZ-TV

Aiden and his uncle, Danny Wright, contacted the Salem Police Department and turned the checkbook and money over. Officers were then able to locate the checkbook's owner. 

"I was so grateful, you know, because we don't have people like this no more," the owner, Elias Santos, told WBZ-TV. 

The "Good Morning America" anchors couldn't help but gush over the fact that the owner, Elias Santos, rewarded Aiden for turning in the checkbook.

"He gave the young boy $100 for his honesty," Amy Robach said.

"That's very kind!" Lara Spencer said.

"Honesty does pay out!" Robin Roberts said.

And viewers were praising Aiden on WBZ-TV's Facebook page. One wrote, "Way to go kiddo!" While another said, "Someone raised this little gentleman right!"

Aiden didn't reveal what he plans to spend his Benjamin on — but being 7, that $100 probably feels more like $1,000.  

This video includes an image from Getty Images.