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Boater Rescued After 12 Days Missing At Sea

Sixty-seven-year-old Ron Ingraham was found by the Coast Guard Tuesday after being missing since Thanksgiving.
Posted at 11:31 AM, Dec 10, 2014

A boater who was missing at sea for 12 days has been found alive and uninjured. 

"Mayday, mayday ... I'm in a small boat in danger of sinking," said Ron Ingraham in a mayday call. 

Sixty-seven-year-old Ron Ingraham was found by the Coast Guard Tuesday on his 25-foot boat Malia 64 miles south of Honolulu. 

In Ingraham's last mayday calls he'd said his vessel was taking on water. An initial search did take place, but was unsuccessful, and the search was officially suspended December 1. His friends told local reporters from KHON they were both fearful and hopeful. 

“In my heart, I believe he’s gone," said friend Kenneth Corder.

"I believe with all his experience and stuff, I believe he’s still out there either on his boat or on his kayak," said another friend, Dedric Manaba.

So on Tuesday, when the Coast Guard got another mayday call, the coordinates finally led them to Ingraham. 

Ingraham was reportedly weak, hungry and dehydrated at the time of his rescue and was given food and water. 

The Coast Guard says an assistance team is attempting to repair Malia so it can sail again.