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Beau Biden's 'Mighty Heart' Remembered At Funeral

Mourners bid Beau Biden a final farewell at a funeral mass held in Wilmington, Delaware. Vice President Biden's son died of brain cancer at age 46.
Posted at 1:30 PM, Jun 06, 2015

“Beau Biden brought to his work a mighty heart. He brought to his family a mighty heart," President Obama said. 

Mourners filled the aisles as President Obama paid tribute to Beau Biden —  eldest son of Vice President Joe Biden — who died at 46 of brain cancer.

“He was not above dancing in a sombrero and shorts at Thanksgiving dinner that would shake loose a laugh from the people he loved. And through it all, he was the consummate public servant. A notebook in his back pocket at all times so he could write down the problems of everyone he met and go back to the office to get them fixed,” President Obama said.

“He never judged. He just listened, and offered his hand, his shoulder, his wise advice and his love,” Ashley Biden said.

Ashley and Hunter Biden also spoke at their brother’s funeral mass.  

As did General Ray Odierno, the former top US commander in Iraq.

“I was able to witness firsthand Beau’s incredible character,” Odierno said.

He presented Biden with the Legion of Merit for his military service

Saturday’s funeral mass concludes three of days of public mourning for the former Delaware Attorney General.

In Dover Thursday, hundreds gathered to pay their respects as Biden’s flag-draped casket lay in the state capitol. A separate public viewing was held Friday in Wilmington.

"This peerlessly patriotic public servant — gone, gone, gone,” Rev. Leo O'Donovan said.

This video includes an image from Getty Images and video from the White House and CBS.