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Arrest Finally Made In 2012 Hollywood Decapitation Case

An arrest has been made two years after dog walkers made the gruesome discovery of a severed human head near the famous Hollywood sign in California.
Posted at 8:07 AM, Mar 11, 2014

Los Angeles police make a long-awaited arrest over a murder scene that unfolded at the city's famous Hollywood sign. Two years ago, two women walking their dogs in Los Angeles' Griffith Park made a morbid discovery: a human head.

"Additional body parts were also found near that same area." (Via KRGV)

"A cadaver dog named Indiana Bones and investigators helped find more." (Via KSBY)

The person's hands and feet were also found. The victim was 66-year-old Hervey Coronado Medellin, an LA resident. Now, 38-year-old Gabriel Campos Martinez has been arrested in connection with the January 2012 discovery.

Prosecutors say Martinez is the victim's former roommate and partner and had since relocated to San Antonio. (Via KABC)

"We filed extradition papers in the state of Texas."

"Deputy D.A. Grace confirms Medellin was strangled, but would not discuss motive or the recovery of any evidence." (Via KNBC)

The District Attorney did reveal, however, that the autopsy report concluded it was a meat saw or a knife used to dismember the body. KCAL spoke with a neighbor:

"I'm shocked because when that happened, I remember it was a surprise ... I'm just glad justice was made."

Reports say Martinez did file a missing persons report for Medellin, but only after officers stopped by to do a welfare check requested by the late man's friends.

CNN reports one of the dog walkers at first thought the head was a movie prop. 

A murder charge was filed Monday against Martinez. Police say he has been a person of interest since the investigation began.