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Argument Over Texting In Theater Leads To Deadly Shooting

A retired Tampa police officer is accused of shooting a husband and wife after confronting them about texting during movie previews.
Posted at 10:33 PM, Jan 13, 2014

A retired Tampa police officer is accused of pulling his weapon and turning an argument about texting in a theater into a deadly shooting Monday.

The confrontation played out at this Grove 16 theater, filmed here by WTVT. Seventy-one-year-old former cop Curtis Reeves and his wife reportedly took issue with a couple sitting in front of them — Chad and Nicole Oulson, who were texting. Witnesses tell police someone threw popcorn, then Reeves drew his .380 handgun and fired one shot, going through Nicole's hand and hitting Chad. (Via New York Daily News)

"He staggered two seats over, fell on my son and I."

"I asked if he was OK. He started gurgling blood."

"I can't believe they would argue and fight over popcorn, or even a cell phone." (Via WTSP)

Reeves, the suspect, had reportedly left the theater to complain to management, then came back in, and the shot was fired shortly thereafter. Police say Chad Oulson was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

WINK reports Reeves sat with his gun in his lap and remained in the theater until police responded. An off-duty officer was also in the theater at the time of the shooting.

This was all during the previews for the film "Lone Survivor" — a war epic about a group of Marines sent into Afghanistan. (Via Envision Entertainment / "Lone Survivor")

Despite being shot herself, Nicole Oulson's injury is not life-threatening. Several reports say the Oulson's have a young daughter. One witness says Chad was texting her or her babysitter shortly before the shooting.