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Accused Murderer Caught After Mental Health Facility Escape

It didn't take long for police to track down Jason Mark Carter and place him under arrest.
Posted at 2:39 PM, Jan 03, 2014

A man who was accused of murdering his mother and stepfather and living with their plastic-wrapped bodies in a basement escaped from a South Carolina mental facility Thursday.

But it didn't take long for police to track down Jason Mark Carter and place him under arrest.​ (Via WLTX)

According to ABC, Carter was found at a motel near the border between South Carolina and Tennessee Friday, soon after he made a break from the facility.


The details of his escape are still unclear.

But local station WIS-TV reports Carter was working at a supply office somewhere on the hospital's campus. Carter's stay at the mental heath facility in the city of Columbia started in 2009 immediately after a judge declared him incompetent to stand trial.

In March 2006, police found the bodies of Kevin and Debra Ann Perkins wrapped in plastic wrap during a welfare check at their home. (Via CNN)

Authorities say Carter was locked in the basement with the victims when they were discovered — and they believe he may have eaten, drank and slept near the bodies for nearly three days before police arrived.

In court, Carter's attorney claimed his client had no memory of committing the murders, and he was ultimately ruled incompetent to stand trial. (Via WSPA)

Police say they were able to capture Carter without any problems, and authorities are now working to get him back to South Carolina. (Via WPLG)