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A Woman's Job: The Mechanic

In an auto repair industry dominated by men, Patrice Banks wanted to carve out a space for women. So she created Girls Auto Clinic.
Posted at 9:20 AM, Jul 21, 2017

Patrice Banks used to call herself an "auto airhead." As a woman, she says she felt taken advantage of at the auto repair shop, and studies confirmed her suspicion. So, the engineer and trained technician took matters into her own hands and created a space she would want to take her car to. With an all-woman auto repair team, Girls Auto Clinic brings something new to an industry otherwise dominated by men.

Hosted by Noor Tagouri, "A Woman's Job" is a six-part original series focused on women who are paving their own way in industries dominated by men. New episodes are available each Wednesday morning anywhere you watch Newsy.

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