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$75,000 Lottery Winner Leaves With Only $75

The search is on for a California lottery winner who left with only $75 when he actually won $75,000.
Posted at 11:41 AM, May 04, 2015

The search is on for a lottery winner in California who walked away with a much smaller prize than he actually won.

"He gave the ticket to my cashier, and the cashier, he put it in the machine. And it looks like a 75 because he's focusing on the 75. He didn't focus on the zero," gas station manager Shamsun Hahar Islam told KABC.

Three zeros to be exact. Instead of walking out with his actual winnings of $75,000, he left with just $75. 

Lottery officials are now working to identify the man. 

"We have been contacted, but we haven't had enough time to get all the answers," said Russ Lopez of the California State Lottery.

The winner turned in the ticket March 25 but didn't sign the back of the ticket — so the recently released surveillance video is playing a big part in identifying him. 

"If he cannot claim, then it goes back to the lottery company. I feel bad. I feel bad. I want to give him the ticket," Shamsun Hahar Islam told KNBC.

This 'oops' has received some national attention.

"I think he's going to turn up," said George Stephanopoulos on 'Good Morning America.'

"I think so. I think you're right there," Robin Roberts replied.

According to KABC, he has six months to claim it.