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6 Injured After Camera At 30 Rockefeller Plaza Catches Fire

An electrical short in a camera on the observation deck of the Rockefeller Plaza caused a fire, injuring six people, including one child.
Posted at 8:08 AM, Jul 14, 2014

New York's famous 30 Rockefeller Plaza is known for a good deal of things, like its observation deck called "Top of the Rock." (Via GaryDenham / CC BY ND 2.0 | Thomas Hawk / CC BY NC 2.0)

And the home of NBC news. (Via James Mitchell / CC BY SA 2.0)

But on Sunday, the "Top of the Rock" wasn't earning itself more fame. Officials say a camera caught fire, injuring six people, including one child.

"The fire department says there was an electrical short in a camera that sent sparks onto the 70th floor deck at 30 Rockefeller Plaza."

"There was a short circuit and it created some sparks that were kind of like embers." (Via NY1)

CNN reports it was a camera on an elevated part of the observation deck that caught fire. A New York City Fire Department spokesman said the blaze was extinguished before fire crews arrived.

Reports say it was actually the falling embers from the burning camera that caused the minor burns. This is the area's second fire in recent months. (Via YouTube / Nico Rodríguez)

In June, a fire broke out near Rockefeller Center at a TGI Fridays about a block away. (Via WNYW)

As for the most recent incident, several New York media outlets say the five adults refused treatment for the burns. The child was taken to a nearby hospital. No word yet on what caused the camera to short.