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3-year-old driving golf cart hits, kills 7-year-old brother in Florida

Concerns about minors driving golf carts recently prompted a new law.
Area where a 3-year-old struck and killed his 7-year-old brother with a golf cart
Posted at 9:30 AM, Jul 19, 2023

One child is dead after a fatal crash involving a golf cart in Florida.

A 3-year-old child was driving a golf cart in the city of Fort Myers when it struck and killed a 7-year-old, according to the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP).

FHP said the toddler was approaching a right curve near the property where the other child was standing on the front lawn.

FHP's Lieutenant Greg Bueno confirmed to Scripps News Fort Myers that the two were brothers.

"I pray the mother and the father have the strength to get past this," said one neighbor. "Hopefully from this tragedy, people are aware of keeping track of the children and kids because they are innocent."

Bueno stressed that this is a tragedy and the department's thoughts and prayers are with the family — but an investigation is underway "because a little boy lost his life."

"We are still sorting through this, what led up to the tragedy," said Bueno. "Whether the 7-year-old was always outside of the cart, or was he initially in the cart with the 3-year-old."

When asked if the department is investigating the parents, Bueno said, "We want to know where everybody was, we want to know what occurred." He added that like any investigation, he doesn't want to get ahead of himself.

The incident happened Monday, and FHP is still early in the investigation.

"We are wanting to know where the adults were, who was on property who was outside, who was inside," Lt. Bueno said.

FHP couldn't answer where the 3-year-old is at this time but did say they have been in contact with the Department of Family Services.

This story was originally published by Briana Brownlee at Scripps News Fort Myers.