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3 Shot At Concert At Colorado's Famous Red Rocks

Three were injured in a shooting at a Nas concert. Police do not believe it was a random shooting.
Posted at 8:32 AM, Jun 20, 2014

Just after Rapper Nas' Thursday night performance at Colorado's Red Rock Amphitheatre, someone opened fire in a nearby parking lot. (Via Flickr / Tony Felgueiras)

KMGH reports three people were shot and crews closed the park to look for the shooting suspect.

The Denver Post reports the three injured victims were found in a car, along with two others. Paramedics took those injured to a local hospital, all alive. The other two are helping with the investigation. 

"After the shooting, the victims apparently drove a vehicle into Denver. The vehicle, a white SUV, stopped at 6th Avenue and Kalamath Street, where Denver Police was called to the scene."

It isn't clear just yet why the victims drove away.

But USA Today says the shooter was targeting their SUV. This may have led them to flee the scene. Police still do not know the connection between the victims and the shooter.

"We have a search for a shooter right now, don't have a lot of information on him. Everything is very sketchy at this point as we try to put all this together. We do not believe this was a random shooting into a crowd or anything like that."

And CNN reports police haven't issued many details, but say the suspect is still at large. 

According to Jefferson County's Twitter page, park access was expected to resume Friday morning.