No, ESPN Isn't Hosting A Men-Only Panel On Domestic Violence

An Esquire article says ESPN's "Monday Night Football" coverage will involve an all-men panel discussing domestic violence. ESPN says that's not true.
Posted at 4:50 PM, Sep 29, 2014

It's been the biggest scandal in the NFL this year — players being arrested for domestic abuse. 

And if it's in the NFL, then ESPN will likely cover it in one way or another. 

But the network won't be covering it with an 11-man, zero-woman panel Monday night, contrary to reports. 

That report first started with an Esquire article published Friday titled "ESPN Has a Problem With Women." 

The article called the network's coverage planned for Monday night a "panel." 

But the supposed all-male panel Esquire describes is basically the usual ESPN "Monday Night Football" crew that features former NFL players and coaches as analysts.

And the article spurred lots of angry reactions directed toward ESPN, with many posting their criticisms on Twitter

The only thing is, according to ESPN, there was never any so-called "panel" planned for Monday night, and its planned show involves women. 

ESPN released a statement Monday saying: "Contrary to published reports in Esquire, there was no panel on domestic violence ever planned for tonight's Monday Night Countdown.  We will present our normal Monday Night Football pre-game show, with Suzy Kolber hosting and Lisa Salters reporting."

And Deadspin, which was one of the first to call out Esquire's reporting, writes, "Tonight ... it's highly unlikely that domestic violence will even come up."

In Monday's game, the Kansas City Chiefs will play the New England Patriots, neither of which had players with reported charges of domestic abuse in the offseason. 

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