The World Series May Already Be Over, According To Stats (And Animals)

In a highly scientific study, two grizzly bears chose the Cleveland Indians over the Chicago Cubs.
Posted at 11:33 AM, Oct 26, 2016

So the Cleveland Indians are going to win the World Series — if you believe two Ohio grizzly bears with a taste for pumpkins.

Before the World Series started Tuesday, the Akron Zoo presented the bears with two pumpkins –– one with the Indians' logo and one with the Chicago Cubs'. Ultimately, both bears chose the Indians' pumpkin.

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Somehow, you have to suspend any disbelief that getting mauled by a pair of grizzlies is the definition of winning, because after last night, these bears might've been on to something.

The Indians dominated the Cubs in Game 1, winning 6-0. And for the past six years, the team that wins the first game has won the World Series.