FSU Charges 2 Players In Rape Investigation, But Not Winston

Florida State University charged Chris Casher and Ronald Darby with "misconduct" in connection with the Jameis Winston rape investigation.
Posted at 3:24 PM, Apr 03, 2014

While Jameis Winston avoided legal trouble last year after he was accused of raping a female Florida State student, two teammates of his have been reprimanded by the university for their actions on that night, according to a new report from Deadspin

Deadspin says two of Winston's teammates, defensive end Chris Casher and defensive back Ronald Darby, were charged with "five violations of the university's code of conduct." Both Casher and Darby admitted to authorities they saw Winston and the accuser having sex that night. Casher reportedly took video of the two having sex and has been charged with "recording of images without consent." (Via DeadspinFlorida State University)  

Even though none of them were indicted on legal charges, the university's student conduct board decides whether students are "responsible" or "not responsible" for their alleged misdeeds. 

​As for Winston? Well, the report states he didn't exactly cooperate with university officials. Instead, he mostly pleaded the fifth at the advice of his lawyers and the meeting "became 'an educational conversation' in which Winston was advised of the university's definition of consent, its alcohol policies, and its code of conduct." (Via Deadspin)

TMZ broke the story about a female FSU student who accused Winston of raping her last year. The alleged incident took place in December 2012. Throughout the investigation, Winston has claimed the interaction was consensual.

It's unclear what kind of punishments the two teammates face, but as news spread of the university's investigation, many weren't happy.  

WPTV sports anchor Joe Girvan tweeted, "​​FSU waited til after the season?!"

And WTVY sports director Matt Harris tweets, "Too little, too late."

But this isn't the first time officials overseeing the case have been criticized. 

You might remember back in December when we reported Florida prosecutor Willie Meggs' press conference clearing Winston of rape charges was surprisingly lighthearted. (Via Newsy

Although Winston is currently off the hook, USA Today sports blog The Big Lead says the door for punishment is still open, writing the Heisman trophy winner doesn't "face code of conduct charges (yet)." 

The university has not responded to Deadspin's article.