The Long-Awaited McGregor-Mayweather Fight Is Finally On

After months of speculation, Floyd Mayweather Jr. agreed to come out of retirement to box UFC star Conor McGregor.
Posted at 10:45 PM, Jun 14, 2017

After months of back-and-forth negotiations and social media jabs, we finally have the crossover fighting event we've all been waiting for — boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. will box against UFC star Conor McGregor.

Mayweather announced the matchup on Instagram. The two will square off in Las Vegas on Aug. 26.

The two will fight at 154 pounds wearing 10-ounce gloves. It will be available on pay-per-view.

The fight has been a media fixation over the past year. We've never seen the stars of two different sports face each other like this.

It also helps pique public interest that "Money" Mayweather and "Mystic Mac" are two of the most outspoken and controversial athletes in the world.

The mixed martial arts fighter McGregor is already a heavy underdog in the fight. He's boxing against Mayweather, who's 49-0 in his boxing career.

MMA does have boxing elements, but experts in both sports say that MMA fighters just can't throw punches the same way boxers do.

The one advantage McGregor does have is age. At 28, he has a lot less wear and tear on his body than the 40-year-old Mayweather, who has been retired for almost two years.

Win or lose, both will make a massive amount of cash. Each fighter could stand to make more than $100 million.