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Inside the Race: Reproduction rights in focus

Politico Reporters Natalie Allison and Alice Ollstein join Scripps Correspondent Ava-Joye Burnett and "The Warning" Founder Steve Schmidt.
Posted at 1:53 PM, Mar 23, 2024

On this edition of “Inside the Race Weekend,” Politico National Political Reporter Natalie Allison and Politico Health Care Reporter Alice Ollstein join Scripps News Legal Affairs Correspondent Ava-Joye Burnett and "The Warning" Founder Steve Schmidt, and host, Joe St. George to discuss political debates over reproductive rights. 

Allison highlighted former President Donald Trump's shift in his campaign from leaving states to decide abortion rights to potentially supporting a 15-week ban at the federal level. 

Ollstein discussed how suburban women play a crucial role in the presidential election, particularly when it comes to abortion issues. 

Burnett explained the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to review a lower court decision that would make mifepristone, a commonly used abortion pill, less accessible. 

Schmidt said he believes the president who understood the issue of abortion best and came closest to the American sensibility on it was former President Bill Clinton. He believed abortions should be safe, legal and rare.

Elena Schneider with Politico, Haley Bull and Nate Reed with Scripps News

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