Morning Rush

Co-anchors Alex Livingston, Rob Nelson, Carolyn Bruck, Jay Strubberg and meteorologist Scott Withers take viewers across the news and information spectrum with such regular features as “Tech Rush” – examining technology news as well as showing off the latest gadgets’ “Family Value” looks at the financial and consumer news that could boost the fortunes of the nation’s families; “Food Rush” serves up the latest in trends in the restaurant industry as well profiles on culinary characters who bring food to the nation’s tables; “School Daze” tackles the hard issues of student debt, paying for higher education and offering context on how to solve the challenges facing students and their parents and From tech CEOs to Hollywood moguls, “Media Mix” looks at the latest trends in America’s communications consumption.

In addition, a wide array of Scripps News reporters and Scripps stations correspondents fan out across the nation every day to report on people who are making a difference in communities large and small.

“Morning Rush” … the morning show that keeps pace with you.

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