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Walmart Says It Will Stop Selling E-Cigarettes Amid Health Concerns

All Walmart and Sam's Club U.S locations will stop selling vaping devices and e-cigs after they sell out of their current inventory.
Posted at 5:37 PM, Sep 20, 2019

States across the U.S and even entire countries have taken steps to curb e-cigarette use. Now, Walmart is taking a step of its own. 

On Friday, the retailer announced it will stop selling e-cigarettes. 

In a statement, Walmart said: "Given the growing federal, state and local regulatory complexity and uncertainty regarding e-cigarettes, we plan to discontinue the sale of electronic nicotine delivery products at all Walmart and Sam's Club US locations. We will complete our exit after selling through current inventory." 

Walmart has already raised the minimum age to buy tobacco in its stores to 21 after the FDA called it out in a letter for selling tobacco to minors. The FDA sent similar letters to other retailers, including Walgreens, which has also raised the age to buy tobacco to 21. 

Walmart's announcement comes amid CDC and FDA investigations into an outbreak of lung illnesses linked to e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes have become extremely popular among teenagers and young adults, even though the CDC says tobacco and e-cigarettes are unsafe for young people. It also says vaping nicotine "can harm adolescent brain development." 

As of Friday, eight people in the U.S. had died from vaping-related lung illnesses.