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NASA Is Putting The Earth Up For 'Adoption'

NASA is celebrating Earth Day by putting pieces of the Earth up for adoption for free.
Posted at 5:16 PM, Apr 13, 2017

NASA is celebrating Earth Day this year by giving away pieces of the planet — well, sort of.

You can adopt a 55-mile-wide area. There are 64,000 pieces up for grabs.

The adoption process is simple and free. Go to the Adopt the Planet website, enter your name and you'll be randomly assigned a place around the world.

The site shows data for your newly adopted territory and an interactive world map to explore. We got some ocean space off the tip of Alaska. That'll be a little hard to visit.

Unfortunately, you won't really own this piece of Earth, so don't get too attached to your new territory.

NASA is hoping all spots are adopted before Earth Day on April 22.