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Man On Reddit Uses Wife's Fitbit To Find Out She's Pregnant

A man asked Reddit why his wife's Fitbit showed a heart rate that didn't match her activity level. Another user's guess why turned out to be accurate.
Posted at 11:51 AM, Feb 11, 2016

That Fitbit on your wrist can tell you a lot about your health. And now, you can apparently add pregnancy testing to that list ... kind of.

One man posted on Reddit that his wife's Fitbit showed an abnormally high heart rate for her activity level.

Another user responded asking if the man's wife was stressed and then guessed she could be pregnant.

Which was apparently true. The original poster updated his question to say he expects to be a dad in October.

The post has made headlines around the world.

And Fitbit told Mashable this was the first pregnancy reveal they've heard from a customer.

This video includes clips from Fitbit.