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Some Twitter Users Aren't Happy About Its Crackdown On Spammers

Twitter is trying to cut down the number of spam accounts on its site — but some conservative users aren't fond of the way Twitter is going about it.
Posted at 10:01 AM, Feb 22, 2018

Twitter suspended a bunch of suspected bot accounts in an effort to crack down on spam — and some conservative users aren't happy about it.

The hashtag #TwitterLockOut made the rounds Wednesday after many conservative users noticed they had lost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of followers. 

Twitter is limiting the use of automation. In a Wednesday announcement, the company said users can't send out batches of identical tweets or perform simultaneous actions from multiple accounts.

Conservative users who lost followers say that — among other things — they're being targeted and that Twitter is trying to silence certain voices.

Twitter denounced claims it's targeting a particular political base and says it unlocks accounts after verifying they're run by humans. Several people who complained about losing followers say they've regained a lot of them.